The TUbliss Kit includes the TUbliss itself, rim tape, a plug for an extra hole in the rim, a metal installation guide plate, wheel sticker kit, and a detailed step-by-step installation poster.

Incredible traction: TUbliss allows for lower tire pressures, increasing the contact patch and traction.
  • Plusher ride: Lower tire pressures result in reduced deflection and a more comfortable ride.
  • No pinch flats: Elimination of tubes removes the risk of pinch flats.
  • Quicker tire repairs: Tubeless tire plugs enable fast repairs without removing the wheel.
  • More rim protection: 100psi protection against rim damage and improved tire stabilization.
  • Weight savings: TUbliss is lighter than traditional tubes, improving acceleration, braking, and handling.
  • Easier tire changes: The different installation method simplifies future tire changes.
  • More value: TUbliss is long-lasting and cheaper than tubes in the long run, as well as rebuildable if damaged.

The sizes are determined by the rim, not the tire:

18″ TUbliss for 18″ x (1.85″-2.15″) rims
19″ TUbliss for 19″ x (1.85″-2.15″) rims
21″ TUbliss for 21″ x 1.60 rims

Changing tires with TUbliss is not difficult but does require learning a different method. Watch the online video and follow the printed instructions for a smooth experience. Most users find it easier than changing tires with standard tubes after a few tries.

18″ TUbliss (including rim lock): 1lb. 13oz.
19″ TUbliss (including rim lock): 1lb. 14oz.
21″ TUbliss (including rim lock): 1lb. 12oz.

When maintained properly and not damaged by accident, TUbliss can last up to 10 times longer than tubes or even outlast the bike.
Start with 2psi less than you would run with traditional inner tubes, then adjust the pressure according to performance. Stiffer sidewall tires allow for lower pressures and better traction.

Use a standard tubeless tire plug kit to repair punctures in seconds without removing the wheel. TUbliss also provides lower-speed run-flat capabilities in case of severe tire damage.

Yes, but punctures are rare due to the thickness of the red liner and the bladder. If punctured, replace the inner bladder for $9.95.
TUbliss seals to the inside of the tire, so the rim condition is mostly irrelevant. However, the tire bead’s inside surface must be in excellent condition for proper sealing.
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Installation and Troubleshooting FAQ

Use rim tape as a cushion against spoke nipples and to keep dirt out of the rim.

Drill a new hole if needed for proper installation. Bubbles around the high-pressure valve are normal initially but should stop after 10 minutes. If not, apply more soapy water and re-inflate the system. Do not use tire mounting machines, as they may damage the TUbliss system/rim lock.

Use dishwashing detergent for soapy water during installation.

Tips, Tricks, and Misconceptions FAQ

Checking the pressure on the high-pressure valve before each ride is crucial because the system’s sealing relies on the pressure. Air may gradually escape from the tube when the bike is not in use, which is why it’s essential to ensure proper pressure before riding.
If bubbles persist around the high-pressure valve after inflating the system and waiting for about 10 minutes, this may indicate an improper seal. In this case, release all the air and apply more soapy water between the tire and rim, ensuring it reaches the tire’s center. After re-inflating the system and tire, the bubbles should no longer appear.
If your tire has a puncture and is leaking air, you can easily fix it from the outside using a tubeless tire repair system.
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