Step 1: Follow the Instructions

Regardless of your experience with changing tires, always adhere to the TUbliss system’s instructions. Contact us with any questions, and ensure you use a new tire or one not previously mounted with a rim lock, as the damaged surface may cause air leakage.

Step 2: Rim Preparation

Position the rim lock and valve stem four spokes apart to avoid bladder damage during tire changes. Smooth any sharp edges on spoke nipples and the rim’s outer lip. Remember that the rim tape only serves as a cushion and the seal is formed between the red liner’s bead and the tire’s bead.

Step 3: Inner-Bladder Alignment

Coat the red liner and bladder with an “Armor All” type product or soapy water to make installation easier. If using soapy water, work quickly before it dries and becomes sticky

Step 4: TUbliss on Rim

Finger-tighten the nut on the rim lock until the black rubber triangle deflector presses against the rim’s inside. Ensure the red liner is fully seated in the rim’s drop-center opposite your prying location.

Step 5: Rim Inside the Tire

Maintain constant down-force on the rim while prying the tire open. Releasing the down-force may cause the rim to jump out, requiring you to start over.

Step 6: Tire Mounting

Take small bites with your tire spoon while keeping the bead pressed into the rim’s drop-center. This method makes tire mounting easier and faster.

Step 7: Lubricate, Inflate & Torque Rim Lock

Apply soapy water to the red liner’s outside after it’s inside the tire. Set the torque only once, and avoid re-torquing to prevent damage.

Tire Removal

Avoid damaging the TUbliss system by not grabbing it with tire spoons. Inspect the red liner’s bead for damage after removing the tire.

TUbliss Removal

Minimal effort is needed to remove the system from the rim. Follow the instructions, and avoid forcing it.


Check pressure before every ride.

Inspect the sealing bead on the red liner before each tire installation.

Replace the inner bladder every 100 hours or 12 months, whichever comes first

Deflate the high-pressure tube when adjusting spokes

Proper installation and maintenance can make the TUbliss system last longer than the bike.

Nuetech Warranty

We prioritize customer satisfaction and address any concerns. Contact Nuetech directly with questions or issues.

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