Riding Tips for TUbliss Users

Inflate the liner to 100 psi before every ride. Ensure the liner is inflated to 100 psi before each ride for optimal rim protection, even though the TUbliss system may hold tire pressure with less.

Regularly check your tire PSI.

While properly installed tires lose minimal pressure over time, the TUbliss inner-bladder may lose about 1 psi daily due to natural permeation. Checking pressure with a gauge will cause the inner bladder to lose several psi, and temperature changes can also affect tire pressures.

Adjust pressure in 1 psi increments to find the optimal pressure.

Recommended tire pressures vary greatly depending on the tire. As a general rule, TUbliss allows you to run at least 2 psi less than with standard inner tubes. Gradually reduce pressure by 1 psi to find the ideal level.

Use a tubeless tire sealant in the tire only if necessary.

If punctures are a concern, apply a tubeless tire sealant in the tire only. Although not required with the TUbliss system, it can help seal small punctures effectively.

For larger punctures or cuts, use tubeless tire plugs.

For quick and easy fixes of larger punctures or cuts, use tubeless tire plugs. Avoid contact between insertion tools and the red liner. Practice installing plugs at home, as most plugs are compatible with tire sealants.

General Tips and Information

TUbliss is designed for off-road use only and not recommended for street use.

Use the correct tire for your riding conditions, like a tough 6-ply tire for rocky terrains at high speeds.

Never use a tire machine with TUbliss to avoid system damage.

Always use new tires or ones not previously mounted with standard rim locks.

TUbliss seals to the inside of the tire’s bead, so it works with dinged or tweaked rims.

Pre-warming tires and TUbliss makes installation easier.

For better balance during high-speed riding, align the marked light spot on the tire’s sidewall with the rim lock.

Ensure your tire spoons have no sharp edges to prevent damage to the red liner’s bead.

Follow bike and tire manufacturer recommendations.

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