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TUbliss® is a full circumference pneumatic rim lock which secures the entire tire bead to the rim, completely eliminating the use of a conventional tube!

Sure, we know what you're thinking. You're looking at the photo and saying "I get it! I put that in my tire and the tube over it." Wrong. It's a whole new way to ride. The age of the tube is over.

TUbliss® completely replaces the conventional tube while delivering several key performance features that's scoring points and lap times with racers and riders everywhere.


  • Virtually flat proof
  • Runs cooler
  • Quicker acceleration
  • No pinched tubes
  • Reduces unsprung weight
  • Secures tire bead
  • No shelf life

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A weight savings of up to 3 pounds per wheel instantly translates into less rotating weight and increases acceleration. Less unsprung weight allows significant suspension performance gains. Experts say that eliminating a pound of rotating unsprung weight is equivalent to dropping 5 pounds of static weight!

You have no tubes to be concerned with, so you'll never pinch a tube! Replace old technology with a stronger, modern and efficient system. Even if you get a tire puncture, the bead stays seated to the rim.

TUbliss really is virtually flat proof when used with a tire sealant. Sealants can't work on tubes where holes in the rubber stretch and tear. With TUbliss, your sealant works directly on the tire where it matters. Plus, the design of TUbliss helps keep the tire on the seated on the bead and sidewalls more stable, virtually making "flat wobbles" a thing of the past. Riders have reported riding longer and harder, completely unaware that they had a tire puncture.

Tubliss® secures the bead so securely that it allows a low tire pressure for improved straight line traction without the risk of a pinch flat or tire bead slippage!

Without the weight and friction of a conventional tube installed, tire temperatures are greatly reduced. This also eliminates tire pressure increases during the course of a moto.

TUbliss protects the rim from dings and dents by holding the tire firmly and making the sidewalls stay upright and absorb the full impact, unlike bending and deflection of conventional tubes.

Currently, we're offering three sizes:
• 18" TUbliss® System £99.95

• 19" TUbliss® System £99.95
• 21" TUbliss® System £99.95

TUbliss was introduced in mid-2007 to excited staff of riders at Motocross Action Magazine. The result? The highest rating possible from these experienced riders. See below for the full review


The Nuetech TUbliss (pronounced Tubeless) tire system is a winner of an idea.

Tubeless motocross tires have been around for 20 years (on works bikes), but they have never seen the cash register side of a motorcycle shop. Why? Making a tubeless motocross tire was too complicated. It required a special rim (to keep the air lock tight), a rubber sealing bladder (to eliminate leakage around the spoke nipples) and messy sealant (to keep sidewall flex from burping air pressure). The problem areas were so numerous that most companies shelved the idea of tubeless motocross tires—except for Nuetech!

Here's a list of things that stand out with Nuetech’s TUbliss tire system.
(1) Problem areas. Jeff Douglas solved the problems that stymied Dunlop by applying innovative thinking. Instead of using a special rim, rubber bladder and tacky sealant, the TUbliss tire system makes any existing rim and tire combination tubeless without all the extra foof.

(2) The concept. In the simplest terms, instead of trying to seal the rim to keep air in the tire, Nuetech sealed the gap between the two tire beads with a special rubber inner liner (which is a fancy way of saying bicycle tire). You read that right! By putting a one-off bicycle tire in the center of the rim and inflating it, the gap at the bottom of the tire is sealed, making the tire an airtight chamber (sans a tube). It turns the outer tire into the motocross equivalent of a bicycle’s tubular sew-up tire.

(3) Pluses. This is a great idea for three reasons: first, without a tube inside the tire, the Nuetech-equipped wheel is 1-1/2 pounds lighter than a stock wheel. Saving a pound and a half of rotating, unsprung weight is awesome, phenomenal and unbelievable. Second, even if you get a sidewall tear, you can ride the Nuetech TUbliss tire flat. We raced a full moto on a flat tire. Although the bike didn’t handle very well, we finished the moto with the tire on the rim. Third, without the weight and friction of the tube rubbing against the tire carcass, tire temperatures were greatly reduced (which means that tire pressure doesn’t increase as much during the course of a moto).

(4) Minuses. There aren’t any downsides on the track. Every test rider commented on how responsive the suspension and engine were with 1-1/2 pounds removed from the rear wheel. When you add the performance advantages to the lighter weight, run-flat capabilities and heat reduction, you have a product that should be on every race bike in America.

There is a learning curve to mounting the TUbliss tire system, but it is easily mastered. Over a three-month period, we ran three sets of TUbliss tires and never had a problem.

~ Motocross Action Magazine // July 2007


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